Finding Your Debtors In This New World

Way back in Junior High and High School we used to categorize students into “groups”.  There were the “jocks , geeks aka/ nerds, barbies and soches”. The members of this last group were always involved in school activities. They were the ones that were quite involved in the yearbook committee, school paper, and other school activites, anything that would bring attention or recognition to them. They did practically anything whether it be catching the late bus or going to school on the weekends merely to have their picture somewhere to be seen. Now I will show you how that has just come back to nip those “SOCHES” in the butt!

As we have moved into a world of computers and cyberspace all of these, pictures, comments, data, and various info has come back to haunt our soches. As they have moved into the “real world and they are now paying bills or rather “not” paying bills it is easier to find them via the internet, as they have planted seeds for us to search for them.  The same holds true for all of the info which we are providing on the social networks.  Though one might not realize, when they sign up for an account with a social network, half of their life information has been disclosed.  All of this information now becomes public and is able to be used by anyone that is searching for YOU!!!